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Auditron recently developed its Consumer Metrics Verification System utilizing managed statistical sampling to conduct national surveys thru personal interviews with consumers in all 50 states. In addition to collecting information to determine radio and television audience size and composition, we have profiles designed to deliver lifestyle data on target consumers.

We provide our client partners with real time results, and offer an array of tools and analytics to determine each campaign's performance. The result not only helps assure the legitimacy of your national advertising rates and intended demographics, we also deliver insight into purchase intent, even among hard-to-reach demographic subsets.

In addition to verifying the audience size and composition of radio and television markets, Auditron recently introduced verification surveys for digital media, including social websites and smart phones. The additional surveys facilitate our abiilty to deliver our client a precise understanding of their target consumers as they explore new media opportunities for growth. Auditron is continuously striving to develop innovative ways to measure emerging market trends and the increasingly informed and demanding mobile consumer.

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Auditron is actively engaged in the markets we serve as a contributor to local communities. We are involved with various projects throughout the U.S., striving to include a wide range of ethnicities, cultures and organizations.

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In order to establish consumer demographic subsets indicative of the various media markets we audit, Auditron pre-selects survey candidates based on a combination of factors including age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class and geographic location. Our survey participants are eligible for various forms of remuneration, the most common of which is a merchandise gift card from one of our client sponsors.

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The advertising rates of U.S. radio and television broadcasters are primarily based upon the size and demographic composition of their audience. Global consumer research companies like and are responsible for establishing popular audience measurement systems. Auditron, with its Consumer Metrics Verification System, endeavors to become the nation's leading auditor of such consumer research data. We provide our clients with the confidence of knowing their rates are fair and their ads are reaching the intended demographics.

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Auditron helps assure the legitimacy of national advertising rates by measuring, analyzing, and verifying published consumer research data nationwide.

At Auditron, we've improved statistic compilation technologies to deliver the metrics innovations of tomorrow ... today.

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